N&C Capital S.A. is a fully integrated real estate project management firm in conjunction with PanamInvest*; as their official Panama representative. Supported by our highly experienced and motivated founders; Alessandro Cavallera and Maxime Navarre, we excel in providing the most profitable opportunities in Panama’s real estate investment industry for our international clientele.

The establishment of N&C Capital transpired in a gradual process, which makes our foundation firmly embedded in successful strategies. The first milestone before the creation of N&C Capital began when Alessandro and Maxime (Founders) were working independently from each other, but chose to collaborate efforts and raised $30 million. After such astounding success, in February 2014 N&C Capital was officially created. That year they excelled even further and reached $43 million. In January 2015, as business steadily advanced PanamInvest was created as a stable tool to welcome investors within a reliable, solid and transparent structure - in conjunction with Luxembourg and our associates Rhône Finance; an expert in fund administration, property investment cycles and private equity (www.rhonefinance.com).

N&C Capital’s momentum is driven by trust, therefore we never ‘sell’ to our clients but rather our clients’ success creates an echo effect and solidifies our reputation by word of mouth. We work diligently to formulate a strong understanding of our clients’ financial parameters, sought after ROI (Return On Investment) and all other concerns pertaining to their investment; such as relative risk adjusted returns and so forth. Our team uses the knowledge they gather from clients to locate strategic investment opportunities. All projects that we undertake are first scrutinized and analyzed, seeking the highest capitalization rate (CAP rate).

Located in central Panama City, N&C Capital is constantly probing into potential opportunities for our clients. Our service extends well beyond simplistic consultancy. As liaisons between all personnel involved, we supervise and collaborate with various segments of operation, from its very initial stages to its grand finale. Our company secures highly skilled professionals to reach targeted objectives. These include but are not limited to engineers, project managers, contractors, furniture suppliers etc. Maintaining quality results drives N&C Capital’s client satisfaction to be our number one asset.

N&C Capital has a peculiar stance in Business Tax services, which are designed to meet your business tax compliance and advisory needs. Our tax professionals draw on their diverse perspectives and skills to give you a seamless service through all the challenges of planning, financial accounting, tax compliance and maintaining effective relationships with the tax authorities. Our talented people, consistent global methodologies and unwavering commitment to quality service give you all you need to build the strong compliance and reporting foundations and sustainable tax strategies that help your business achieve its ambitions.


At N&C Capital we strive to offer comprehensive foreign relator investment services by effectively directing our international clientele to substantial ventures, with results bearing forecasted projections.


Our vision at N&C Capital is to grow Panama’s developmental sector by allocating profitable options for foreign investors while inadvertently advancing Panama’s infrastructure.


  • Quality
  • Honesty
  • Profitability

N&C Capital is sustained by our high-standards of operation; a pillar that is pinnacle in our company operation. To compliment this, we thrive on maintaining an open, honest relationship with all our stakeholders. Lastly, we were founded on a ‘leader’ mentality; as such we deliver profitable opportunities with foresight and results.


As a comprehensive real estate investment company, it is critical that we maintain strong links between various sectors to complete each project from start to finish. Along-side our in-house engineer, we have a number of extremely reliable, highly qualified partners we work with.

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