As a comprehensive real estate investment company, it is critical that we maintain strong links between various sectors to complete each project from start to finish. Along-side our in-house engineer, we have a number of extremely reliable, highly qualified partners we work with.

Of course, with any real estate investment, financial concerns top the list of priorities. N&C Capital is proudly linked with Rhône Finance; a company dedicated to all aspects of corporate finance. Rhône Finance was founded by Chartered Accountants who began their careers in national and international firms (Arthur Andersen, Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers) based in Switzerland, France and Luxembourg. They held positions as Head of Finance Department of Family Offices and private investment funds active in Europe and the United States: through entities based in Switzerland, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Jersey, Delaware, Cayman and Panama. As such they possess a wealth of knowledge and experience, adding much value and benefit to N&C Capital.

As part of PanamInvest Investment Committee, N&C Capital has also worked with

Pierre André Mourgue d’Algue as a partner of a Swiss private bank: Mourgue d’Algue et Cie. (

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N&C Capital S.A. is a fully integrated real estate project management firm in conjunction with PanamInvest*; as their official Panama representative.

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