* PANAMINVEST SA is an investment company incorporated in Luxembourg as a limited company for the purpose of holding financial assets.


Investment Profile

Panaminvest is an investment vehicle dedicated to the Panama real estate market, focusing on niche sectors such as the enchanting colonial Old Town (i.e. Casco Viejo) and low-income housing developments. The company is committed to the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and corporate governance.

The founders combine a complimentary set of skills with experience in wealth management, accounting and audit, private equity, and real estate development and management.

With over 15 years of combined experience in Panama’s real estate, the managing partners have an extensive knowledge of every stage of the real estate cycle, from acquisition to disposal, from construction, renovation or rehabilitation to leasing, financing, zoning and environmental matters. The team has a successful track record in the development and acquisition of properties in various types of real estate investments such as office, commercial, residential, resort, low-income housing and land development.

Historically, the partners have dedicated themselves to servicing and accompanying private investors in the sourcing, acquisition and management of real estate investments in Panama, understanding their needs to provide tailored services that meet their expectations.

Panaminvest was created to build on these strengths as a vehicle to pool investor capital and offer a diversified approach to real estate investment in Panama.

Rhône Finance

Rhône Finance is a platform dedicated to all aspects of corporate finance and engineered the tax efficient Luxembourg special purpose vehicle. The company was founded by Chartered Accountants who started their careers in Switzerland, Luxembourg and come from big 4 audit firms (Arthur Andersen, Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers). They pursued their careers at the head of family offices and private equity investment funds active in Europe and in the United States through entities based in Switzerland, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Jersey, Delaware, Cayman and Panama.

Rodolphe Droin is the Founder and Chairman of Rhône Finance. His experience in Investment Funds includes buy-outs, acquisition and venture capital investments structuring through buy-out, merger, de-merger, bonds listings on European Stock Exchanges and capital restructuring. Rodolphe holds a master degree in finance, he is a French Qualified Chartered Accountant and a Registered Swiss Audit-Expert. He is 41 years old and a French citizen.

Nicolas Fantuz is the Co-Founder and CEO of Rhône Finance. His experience in Investment vehicles includes services to high net worth investors seeking to invest in value oriented securities of companies, participating in private equity investments available in the secondary market, and also investing in financial services, retail sectors, and healthcare sectors. He is a US CPA and has an MBA from the University of Kentucky. He is 36 years old and a French citizen.

About Us

N&C Capital S.A. is a fully integrated real estate project management firm in conjunction with PanamInvest*; as their official Panama representative.


As a comprehensive real estate investment company, it is critical that we maintain strong links between various sectors to complete each project from start to finish. Along-side our in-house engineer, we have a number of extremely reliable, highly qualified partners we work with.

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