Maxime Navarre

The cornerstone of N&C Capital’s influence on foreign investors is held by none other than its’ President and Co-founder Maxime Navarre. Maxime is a graduate from Institut Supérieur de Gestion, an International Business School based in Paris, France. It is there he absorbed himself in his studies which took him to the USA, Japan, Singapore and Hong-Kong. This was essential for him in formulating an extensive, compelling network of world-wide professionals.

Equipped with a solid base and an international perception, Maxime went forth with enthusiasm, venturing into an array of industries. His drive to explore and delve into unchartered areas lead him to be among the team that developed the first AID’s Awareness Campaign for the Health Ministry of France. As well, armed with his relentless innovative spirit he went on to fully develop, market and distribute the first energy drink introduced in the French market. To add to that, Maxime also took his solid communication and marketing platform to show-business. He joined the management team for the boy’s band “2Be3”, whose success was renown at the time.

Ingrained with a mind set to transform, Maxime ventured into the real estate industry, here he successfully renovated and re-sold real estate that he considered ‘diamonds in the rough’. Clearly, with an eye for opportunity he was hired as a consultant in 2006 by ICADE; a prominent French development company, which is a subsidiary of La Caisse Des Depot (French Government Bank).

With a surging need to reach beyond and rise to his potential, Maxime decided to step into a new world and relocated to Panama. For the next 3 years he held the position as the General Manager for Viveros Resort S.A.; one of the largest tourism developments in Panama. It is within this time period, Maxime was responsible for the management and the construction of luxury homes. His responsibilities stretched anywhere from overseeing the creation of any necessary project infrastructure, to handling negotiations for the development of the high-class beach club with Trump Ocean Club.

In 2014 came the birth of Palmyra Consulting (; Maxime being one of the founders, committed to assisting foreign investors in Panama with their relocation needs and real estate investment(s). By this time Maxime’s professional portfolio was booming with experience and many successes. His expertise as a real estate advisor and developer on the Panamanian market propelled him to move with utmost confidence.

Maxime then sought out his own personal growth and set sights in Casco Antiguo, where he planned to build a hotel. It is through this project he collaborated with Alessandro Cavallera, whom at that point was a social acquaintance. Maxime was to raise funds through international investors to finance the project. The outcome was phenomenal. Presently Alessandro’s family owns 55% of the hotel, and the other 45% is comprised of Maxime’s investors.

With this resounding success, both Maxime and Alessandro saw the immense opportunity that could be achieved through collective efforts, thus founded N&C Capital. Equipped with the right partner, they merged their skills and experience, aligning N&C Capital for maximized results and growth.

Alessandro Cavallera

N&C Capital thrives as one of the leading real estate investment firms in Panama by the esteemed support of its Vice President and Co-Founder Alessandro Cavallera. A proud graduate from Bocconi University - Italy, Alessandro began his career armed with a Law Degree and a mentality aimed to ‘reach for the stars’.

Alessandro’s career steadily followed its course having joined Clifford Chance; an International Law Firm. Wanting more, in 2004 he steered himself to pursue a Master’s Degree taking him to Shanghai, China.

The opportunity arose for Alessandro to collaborate with Shanghai Asset Management & Investment Holdings. There he directed his efforts and dedicated his time to the active involvement of strategizing with emerging private companies that were focused on China’s growing real estate market. Company efforts were also placed in overseas investments in the renewable energy sector, providing clients with equity capital, strategic support, and value added services.

Alessandro’s professional career grew extensively within the five year period he remained in China. None-the-less, he felt readied to expand his horizons and in 2009 he founded Financial Management Advisors Inc.; an investment and real estate corporation advising clients on offshore regulations, company creation, investments and real estate development projects in Panama, China and Italy.

He successfully led his company, embarking on various real estate projects: social housing, preferred interest housing, high-end condos, boutique hotels and commercial units. His company was active in the purchase, development and construction of these ambitious projects. He worked on a large array of developmental projects such as luxury condominiums, mixed-us retail, loft properties, and the renovation of historic sites. This asserted his role in the Panama real estate market, defining him as a reputable influencer to those in the industry.

In early 2011, Lambert Development reeled in Alessandro’s expertise, positioning him as Vice President. Lambert Development targeted emerging markets in Latin America, bearing a strong presence within the development and real estate community. Lambert Development is today involved in the development of 3,500 houses in Panama City.

In 2014, Alessandro took the knowledge he gained over the years and co-founded N&C Capital with Maxime Navarre. With the same drive that brought them their success in the past, both partners continue to push forth and build N&C Capital as one of Panama’s leading real estate investment firms.

Jacobo Plitman

N&C Capital is turning also into the Private Equity world supported by the latest partner acquisition, Jacobo Plitman. A bright Venezuelan mind, result of a Business degree at Metropolitan University of Caracas with a specialization in management, banking & finance.

Jacobo’s experience in the Latin market provides what was the missing link in N&C Capital to exploit the m&a sector. He developed his career under the constant influence of an entrepreneurial environment with a long tradition in manufacturing, distribution and marketing, specializing in financial management within the industrial sector particularly in Latin America.

In order to understand in depth the logic of the operation of a company and how to make it successful, Jacobo engaged on a struggling Pasta Factory business, which he managed to turn around and finally sell to a local group.

During the same period, seeing the economic growth that brought the “oil boom” in Venezuela, Jacobo engaged in the development of various successful businesses in different areas: a bedding product factory, a chain of furniture stores, a chain of dry cleaners, and a distribution structure for consumer goods throughout the entire country.

Jacobo also spent a brief period in the USA, where he took advantage of his entrepreneurial network to establish an Online Jewelry Boutique Brand; a start up that comprise design, 3D printing, offshore manufacturing and marketing. 

In mid 2015 Jacobo decided to move to Panama full time. Driven by the bullish local real estate market, where he started planning to invest into the development of few buildings in the colonial town (Casco Antiguo) with the idea of partnering up with one of the leading development group of the area: N&C CAPITAL

In 2017, recognizing the success, the capacity and tangible experience in the world of business analysis and management, and with the aim of covering a broader area within the business opportunities offered by the economic environment, N&C Capital successfully invites Jacobo to participate as Partner in the firm.

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